10° International Exhibition
on Industrial Research and Innovation

June 4-5, 2015
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FabLab: User Guide

Wednesday 4
ore: 15:00
50 minutes
Arena R2B - Pad.33

Evento terminato

The digital manufacturing, the new frontiers of ICT and the set of dynamic tools that come from the encounter of new technologies, internet and creativity, are part of the basic elements of the new industrial revolution. With the increasingly pervasive introduction of digital technologies, companies that outlived market changes and those that are emerging will have to rethink about their business models, also looking at strategies for distributed and collaborative research and development. At the same time the new generation of digital artisans, makers, will have to be part of this new ecosystem that is emerging, taking advantage of the many opportunities that start with the development of the new digital manufacturing.
The workshop aims to introduce these themes deepening, with the help of Massimo Menichinelli (Make In Italy - Italian Fablab & Makers Foundation), features and functions of a FabLab, even through a discussion with the audience.