Emanuele Piaia


Emanuele Piaia Architect, PhD in Building Technology and Professor at the Department of Architecture of Ferrara (Italy) and ITS Territorio Energia Costruire teaching "Environmental Design", "Building technology" and "Smart spaces design". Degree with honours in Architecture achieved in 2005 at the University of Ferrara - Faculty of Architecture with which wins the "Edoardo Collamarini award". Since 2009 he conducting studies in the assessment and definition of strategies, techniques and methods to refurbish the built heritage. In the last years has been involved in several international research project regarding the following topics: refurbishment, maintenance, social-housing, tecnological innovation, cultural heritage, building process. He has participated in national and international conferences and he has authored more than 50 publications, concerning building technologies, product and process innovation, refurbishment strategies.

Contatto: University of Ferrara and ITS Territorio Energia Costruire

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